After witnessing the vitriolic criticism that was hurled at Rich Rodriguez in 2008 when he unceremoniously departed West Virginia for allegeded greener pastures in Ann Arbor.

WVU fans were called childish, and told to let it go.

Now it is the Tennessee Volunteers who can't get over the loss of a coach. It may be a bit different since Kiffin wasn't the homegrown coach and he left after just one season.

But the Vols will never forgive the guy. And I don't blame them.

It appears a Knoxville radio host is soliciting donations on his Web site so he can place a billboard in Los Angeles that wishes Kiffin well as the USC Trojans start NCAA sanctions.

What will it say? "got sanctions? Enjoy your dream job, Lane."

According to the website Mr. SEC, the billboard would cost $5,600 for a month in August. Interested in donating? Go here for a link to click to make a donation.

I guess we aren't done writing about Lane. Thanks coach!