After eight wins in two years, Rich Rodriguez continued re-writing the Michigan record book, as the Wolverines admitted to their first-ever major NCAA violations Tuesday. UM even offered up self-punishment in hopes of keeping satisfying the NCAA.

There isn't much exciting in the story. Typical stuff. Coach didn't know nuthin'. Graduate assistant gets fired. We messed up but we didn't KNOW we messed up so that makes it not as bad as everyone thinks it is.

And this gem:

Rodriguez said the NCAA allegation that bothered him the most was that he "failed to promote an atmosphere of compliance."

"That's a very serious thing when you're talking about not fostering an atmosphere of compliance, and as soon as that allegation came out I certainly was upset," Rodriguez said.

And because that's probably the one thing that could get you fired for cause, Rich. Eh. No worries. That's coming soon enough.