With the defections continuing at USC, is Lane Kiffin really the best person to fashion together enough success to convince recruits to keep coming to Southern Cal? We're not sold he's the man.

It won't help Kiffin's long-term plans if Mike Garrett is finally ousted as AD.

The show is also very SEC heavy. First, we discuss the claim that the SEC is hands-down, the best football conference in 2010. Maybe we're crazy, but the SEC is actually pretty weak, except for Florida and Alabama. We also give our picks for what teams could end the SEC dominance in the BCS Championship game (there's not many choices).

In this week's Quick Hitters: Seantrel Henderson, Big Ten championship locations, Jake Locker vs. Christian Ponder, Mike London's essay contest at Virginia, Ohio State teammates Ross Homan and Cameron Heyward, and Erin Andrews.