Phil and Tom are finally back on the podcasting airwaves with another 30-plus minutes on college football.

Here is what we cover in Episode No. 67:

  • Michigan has released its findings and institutional sanctions on the program following practice-gate. Now will the NCAA agree and let everyone move on from this embarrassing situation?
  • Will the NCAA use the Michigan situation as an opportunity to re-evaluate these non-coaching positions?
  • Look at first-year coaches and who we think will be the most successful in 2010.
  • Offer more insight into our Big East (Phil) and Big Ten (Tom) preseason predictions.

In this week's quick hitters we look at:

  • How serious the NCAA sanctions may be for USC when they are announced Friday.
  • Bloggers' reliance on Phil Steele and preseason magazines to survive the summer months.
  • The College Football Hall of Fame compared to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.
  • What Ohio State and WVU player will be a surprise player by midseason.

Thanks for tuning in again.