Why can't I stop watching this video?

Is it the bad cameo by Mike Golic? The not-so-catchy tune that sticks with you like Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" from the '80s. And it's about as original as "Pants on the Ground."

Take away the bad lyrics, pathetic dancing and the poor attempt of passing off a nobody singer/rapper/douchebag it's actually a great video.

The first time I watched the video today I thought it was going to be a parody of some kind. Then I realized this was legit. It says it right there in the video caption: "Faculty-student video produced by FTT faculty member Ted Mandell and Notre Dame students. Award-winning musician Freekbass brings the funk to Notre Dame. Come on, let's hear it, Irish fans!"

So I called a co-worker into my office and he noticed that it's easily the "whitest" pseudo hip-hop/rap video either of us had ever watched. Someone really needs to work on the diversity training (I have a few Gannett friends who can help).

I won't even get into the challenges presented by the lyrics (so how many times can we say "We are ND or We are Notre Dame?").

At a time when Notre Dame fans, and even first-year coach Brian Kelly, claim the Fighting Irish are above joining a conference, why does such a prestigious university have to stoop to such a low in the name of school spirit?

Notre Dame should be better than this. I guess now joining the Big Ten won't be the worst thing ND does this year.

(HT: Dr. Saturday)