Turns out Notre Dame fans don't want to join the Big 10. You can see a great example of their passionate, if rather confusing, logic, contained on the back of this T-shirt. (I've always said, if it doesn't fit on the back of a T-shirt, it's probably too long-winded to make sense.)

But there were points here I hadn't realized:

1) Joining the Big Ten will make Notre Dame stop being a Catholic school.

2) Notre Dame will no longer emphasize its undergraduate education. (They already did?)

3) Notre Dame will no longer be a national university. (So now they're only going to recruit from NE Indiana? That's going to hurt enrollment numbers.)

4) All secular schools will shun Jesus (again) just to vote against men's lacrosse scheduling for those damn Catholics. And apparently there will be 13 schools in the Big 10 since 12 will be voting again.

5) For those who don't know, the C.I.C. is the Committee on Institutional Cooperation which is a way Big 10 schools and the University of Chicago raise research funds. I guess joining is a bad thing for Notre Dame because they'd have to share money, but I don't really know.

6) The word "literally" should literally be removed from the freaking dictionary because nobody knows how to use it correctly.

This outrage would make a tad more sense, if Notre Dame wasn't ALREADY IN A CONFERENCE NAMED THE BIG EAST IN SEVERAL SPORTS.

Criminy. Does this guy make those "Obama is a Socialist" signs on the side?