It started with Oregon State's Jacquizz Rodgers and now it appears Florida State is going put on a Heisman blitz for Christian Ponder.

That's right Christian Ponder. The same Ponder who was 4-5 as a starter last year before a season-ending shoulder injury in the ninth game of the season at Clemson.

The included photo was sent to the media by the Florida State media relations department Wednesday. Of course, we aren't on the list so we just found it online and used the photo (certainly no one at FSU will care).

He was having a breakthrough season statistically last year before the injury, but is this guy really a Heisman candidate? Maybe, but it's a stretch. He probably ranks 25th on a list of the Top 10 candidates.

Apparently Washington has also started a campaign for Jake Locker also. At least he makes the cut.

Now we wait to see who's next.

Still, no one will touch the campaign Tennessee did for Eric Berry last year.

(HT: College Football Talk)