Before I write anything else it's time for full disclosure: Major Harris was a God when I went to WVU.

For those of us who were freshmen in Morgantown in the fall of 1988, he still is. Leading the Mountaineers to an 11-0 season and a shot at the national title (I still believe WVU would have beaten Notre Dame in 1989 Fiesta Bowl had Harris not dislocated his non-throwing shoulder on the third play).

At West Virginia, Harris was a human highlight film. All of my WVU friends still love to talk about his 26-yard touchdown run against Penn State in 1988, when he went the wrong way on the play but juked and darted his way past seven Nittany Lion defenders. (Sorry dad, I was one of the students who ran onto the field before the clock hit zero).

The fact he left a year early and didn't have much of a professional career is meaningless. He was a great in the college game. A quarterback before his time. There weren't quarterbacks like him in the late 1980s. He was Pat White when White was 9 months old.

In some ways, I never felt he got quite the respect he deserved. But today (July 17, 2010) Harris was honored as an inductee to the College Football Hall of Fame with a number of other greats, including Notre Dame's Tim Brown, Ohio State's Chris Spielman and Penn State's Curt Warner.

Harris may not be the big name of this year's HOF class. But for about 32 guys who lived on the first floor of Tower 3, he's the only inductee today.

Thanks for the memories, Major.