For almost an hour tonight, my 4 1/2-year-old daughter yelled, whined and pouted over everything.

When she was done, she tried to reason with me on the ride home from her grandparents. She felt she had been treated unfairly by her mother and me, and that it was actually her younger brother who instigated her into most of her tantrums.

Guess who won that argument? It wasn't her.

Sounds very similar to the position USC finds itself in today. One day after a pro-USC site ripped the NCAA's sanctions by claiming the investigation had "many mistakes and factual errors," the NCAA has responded.

Included in the NCAA email:

"The NCAA will not comment on the content of confidential documents. However, it is important to note that the recent story from fan site takes select pieces of information from comprehensive documents out of context, weaving them into an inaccurate depiction. When reaching a decision, the Committee on Infractions carefully considers the hearing discussions and reviews all documents from all parties in their entirety, not just excerpts taken out of their original context."

Similar to what happened in my house tonight, usually the parent wins these type of conflicts. Constantly taunting the enforcer doesn't help either.

Hey, but good luck with that appeal Trojans!