OK, you have to wait until mid-July when they ship, but the 2010 Penn State Football Schedule Poster is for sale.

Why write about this? As a child my father used to get these all of the time as a high school coach at an inner city school loaded with D1 talent. He'd bring them home and I'd put them up around my room.

This official 2010 Nittany Lions football poster reminds me of this more innocent time when coaches like Charley Pell and Danny Ford were roaming the sidelines following NCAA rules to the T.

I also have to admit that there's something appealing about these simple posters. If I gave a damn about Penn State I'd probably shell out the $6 for one.

If you're interested, just click here and get yours.

Now I think I'll surf around tonight and see if I can find some others for comparison purposes.

(HT: PSU assistant coach Jay Paterno's twitter feed)