In this fascinating article by's Andy Staples, new Florida State coach calls retired coach Bobby Bowden "my hero."

That's pretty much where the praise stops. Fisher, with some help from Staples, proceed to pretty much rip everything the Florida State program was in the past decade under Bowden.

Fisher instead, pledges allegiance to the school of Saban, where he studied at LSU.

That's fine, but this article seems to come across especially brutal towards Bowden and retired defensive coordinator Mickey Andrews. It had become obvious a change was needed at FSU, but wasn't it enough Fisher helped push St. Bobby out the door? Of course Staples makes most of the assumptions, but somehow I doubt these ideas came to him all alone.

FSU's problem is on defense. In legendary coordinator Mickey Andrews' final season, the Seminoles finished 94th in the nation in scoring defense and 108th in total defense. Andrews' dogged reliance on man-to-man coverage hearkened back to a day when FSU had the fastest players on the field. Now everyone has fast players, and many of the popular spread offenses were designed as a response to the defense FSU used to dominate the '90s. Even worse, the old staff used FSU's best athlete, cornerback Greg Reid, as a nickelback instead of playing him full-time.

Wow. Yes, FSU was terrible on defense last year and Andrews' all-blitz style may have become passe, but seriously, it's not like Andrews' defense hasn't been successful during the spread era.
Anyway, things will be different at FSU, that's for sure. And Jimbo has a built-in scapegoat for two or three years.