Here's a suggestion for all of the media folk out there, especially those who cover Urban Meyer's Florida Gators. Late in the second half of a key SEC game this fall, leave your reserved spot in the press box and stand beside Meyer on the sidelines as he's calling in plays to John Brantley.

Or even better yet, go over to the Gators coaches box and sit in the front row to see if that's a better vantage point than the one you currently have at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. 

Meyer wouldn't mind, right? Well, we saw how he reacted when Orlando Sentinel beat writer Jeremy Fowler quoted a player accurately.

Apparently, Meyer plays by his own rules and doesn't care what anyone else thinks. It seems he and two family members were at the Masters this weekend and they took away the reserved seating for the media at Amen Corner. This might seem like whining to complain, but let's remember ... those writers, bloggers, etc. were working. Meyer was there as part of his anger management treatments.

Had this been any other SEC coach would anyone care? Outside of Vanderbilt coach Bobby Johnson ... of course. Could you see the spark this would have caused if it were Nick Saban ... someone who Meyer realizes is a superior coach and is getting superior talent.

Let's not forget that South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier attends the Masters every year and he doesn't seek special treatment. He's been known to walk the course with everyone else and stay out of the limelight.

So for everyone who feels this is Meyer bashing ... you are right (and Garry Smits at the Florida Times-Union is taking his fair share of abuse on this one). But it happens when you earn it. It's too bad Gator fans that there's no Lane Kiffin to divert attention away from your crazy coach this year.