There is no way the 'Eye would be happy if Tony Barnhart's outlandish speculation comes true. I'm in no position to question Barnhart's sources or his own instincts when it comes to seeing into the Big Ten's future.

The scribe is one of the best college football guys around.

But does it make sense for the Big Ten to make the leap from 11 to 16 teams? Barnhart seems to think so. It would play well into B10 commish Jim Delany's ego as it has been rumored that this is his way to put a final stamp on his legacy.

Of course Barnhart's fact/fiction has the B10 raiding the Big East of Pittsburgh, Syracuse, Connecticut and Rutgers. The fifth and final addition would potentially be Notre Dame. This would all but doom the football sect of the Big East, and relegate West Virginia, Louisville, Cincinnati and South Florida will either be left for dead or hope the ACC or SEC scoops them up in an effort to not fall too far behind Delany's dream conference.

More realistically, the four remaining Big East teams would find a home in lesser conferences or try their best to salvage what's left by seeking new members from Conference USA and elsewhere. But maintaining BCS status will not happen.

The SEC doesn't need to overreact, but instead of taking what's left of the Big East it could look at adding Miami, Florida State, Clemson or even Texas.

All of this seems a little crazy, but remember what WVU's Bill Stewart said not too long ago, and Tony Barnhart wouldn't just throw out this crazy plan without some solid information. Right?