Pac-10 commissioner Larry Scott took a big gamble by going after six Big 12 teams. It netted him Colorado, but not the other five.

Of course he really wanted Texas and Oklahoma, but now it appears the Big 12 will survive as a 10-team league. However, don't be surprised if Missouri bolts if the Big Ten ever comes calling.

But with Scott's big swing and a miss does this mean everyone can stop speculating about the SEC and ACC trying to match the Pac-10 and Big Ten? Word is Scott will turn his attention to Utah now and stop as a 12-team league and create a championship game.

Jim Delany and the Big Ten may also be finished, unless Notre Dame says yes and then a 14- or 16-team conference is still a possibility.

But when the remnants of the Big 12 decided to reconcile and suck up to Texas, the Super Conference notion may have finally died.

So who are the winners and losers.

Big Ten: If Delany can get Notre Dame then it was all worth it, but getting a big name like Nebraska is still impressive and evens out the conference at 12 teams. Also allows the league to host a money-making championship game. Grade: A

SEC: Showed some interest in Texas, Texas A&M and Oklahoma, but at the end of the day the SEC still has the best overall product. Grade: A-

Pac-10: Didn't turn out as well as Scott had hoped, but don't knock him for trying. He has shown more guts than Delany at this point. However, getting just Colorado and potentially Utah is what everyone expected a few months ago, so no real shock value. Grade: B

ACC: No one from the conference office has been talking much about expansion. That's good and bad. The issue could be that some of the ACC teams are being targeted and a plan needs to be in place. Maryland is still rumored as a potential Big Ten partner and Virginia Tech has come up in SEC talks. Grade: B

Big East: It's hard to believe the conference that was expected to get raided is still standing with every team intact. All of this could change quickly, but for now the Big East is looking OK. The summer's still early, though. Grade: B-

Big 12: The fact the conference is still breathing is amazing, and the compromising that took place yesterday is why Kansas, Kansas State, Iowa State, Baylor and Missouri still have a conference and aren't looking to join the Mountain West. But everyone is now beholden to Texas and this will wear on everyone over time and an eventual split is inevitable. Grade: C

Mountain West: Adding Boise State is huge for the conference's chances of gaining entry into the BCS, but the probable loss of Utah to the Pac-10 may keep them just where they are. Grade: C